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LMEC-10 Apparatus of Measuring Liquid Surface Tension Coefficient

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Liquid surface tension coefficient is an important parameter to characterize the properties of liquid, which has important applications in industry, medicine and scientific research. The traditional pull-out method is often used to measure the force, such as jolly scale, torsion scale and so on, but the general accuracy is low, the stability is not high, and can not be directly digital output. Fd-nst-i liquid surface tension coefficient measuring instrument is a new type of liquid surface tension coefficient measuring instrument with pull-out method. The liquid surface tension is measured by single crystal silicon resistance strain gauge.


1. Calibrate a silicon resistance strain sensor, calculate its sensitivity, and learn how to calibrate a force sensor. 

2. Observe the phenomena of liquid surface tension. 

3. Measure surface tension coefficients of water and other liquids.

4. Measure the relationship between liquid concentration and surface tension coefficient.


Parts and Specifications

Description Specifications
Silicon resistor strain sensor Range: 0 ~ 10 g; sensitivity: ~ 30 mV/g
Reading display 200 mV, 3-1/2 digital
Hanging ring Aluminum alloy
Glass plate Diameter: 120 mm
Weight 7 pcs, 0.5 g/pc

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