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LMEC-7 Pohl’s Pendulum

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It is composed of vibration system, dampers, cranking source and transmission system, phase angle measurement system, experimental process control and operating system, etc. It is used to study the resonance phenomenon caused by forced vibration and damped oscillation and other experiments.


1, free vibration (oscillation) experiment;

2, under-damped vibration experimental research;

3, displacement resonance phenomenon research;

Main technical features

1, Adopt coiled spring fixed axis disc oscillation mechanism as the basic vibration body;

2, stepper motor drive to generate periodic displacement;

3, Adopt incremental encoder accurate measurement of phase difference;

4,  large LCD display, data measurement and viewing convenient.

The main technical parameters

1, using 240 × 160 dot matrix LCD, menu design, experimental operation and data query convenient, with data storage function;

2, vibration system correction state free swing more than 100 times;

3, system damping degree in the absence of electromagnetic damping: each amplitude decay less than 2 °;

4, spring stubbornness coefficient K: free vibration cycle change less than 2%;

5, forced force Frequency range: 30~50 rpm, digital frequency source, frequency set directly by digital key, high temperature stability;

6, motor speed stability: less than 0.03%;

7, incremental encoder phase measurement resolution: ±1°;

8, cycle detection accuracy: 1ms;

9, amplitude measurement resolution: ±1°.

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