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F-29 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

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F-29 Excellent optical design, greatly improving the overall performance of the instrument; years of experience in the production of fluorescent instruments, to ensure that the instrument has better stability; more in-depth customer understanding, to the greatest extent in line with the use habits of domestic users.

High quality and high speed scanning to ensure the precision of test spectrum



Wavelength range 200-760nm or zero order light (optional special photomultiplier can be expanded 200-900nm),

High signal to noise ratio 130:1 (Raman peak of water)

High speed scanning rate 3,000nm/min

Main function: wavelength scanning, time scanning

Multi-optional accessories: Samples of solid reflectance attachment, Polarization attachment, filter and special photomultiplier



1.Wavelength scanning wavelength scanning function mainly includes two data modes: fluorescence intensity and luminous intensity. The excitation spectrum and fluorescence spectrum of samples can be obtained by fluorescence intensity data model, which is a common method.
2.Time scanning time scanning is to collect the fluorescence intensity curve of the tested sample with time within the specified time interval. It can be used to monitor the physicochemical changes of the sample, and the kinetic method can be carried out.
3.Photometric method uses wavelength method for quantification, up to 20 standard samples can be measured, polygonal standard curve can be drawn through each point of the standard concentration, the preparation of regression standard curve can use the first, second, third power curve or broken line, and the correlation coefficient R and R2 can be obtained at the same time.
4. Powerful spectrum processing function, two spectrums can be added, subtracted, multiplied and divided, and can also calculate the area of the spectrum; with spectrum correction and shutter control, etc.



Light source           Xenon lamp 150W

Monochromator        excitation and emission monochromator

Dispersive element: Concave diffraction grating

Blazed Wavelength: excitation 300nm,   emission 400nm

Wavelength range       200-760nm or zero order light (optional special photomultiplier can be expanded 200-900nm)

Wavelength accuracy    ± 0.5nm

Repeatability           0.2nm

Scanning speed         at the soonest 6000nm/min

Bandwidth             Excitation 1,2.5, 5, 10, 20nm

Emission 1,2.5, 5, 10, 20nm

Photometric range        -9999 – 9999

Transmission           USB2.0

Standard voltage        220V 50Hz

Dimension             1000nm x 530nm x 240nm

Weight                about 45KGS

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