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LMEC-15 Interference, Diffraction and Velocity Measurement of Sound Wave

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Note: oscilloscope not included 

In practical applications, the measurement of ultrasonic propagation velocity is of great significance in the measurement of ultrasonic ranging, positioning, liquid flow velocity, material elastic modulus and instantaneous gas temperature. The sound speed measurement comprehensive experimental instrument produced by our company is a multifunctional experimental instrument. It can not only observe the phenomenon of standing wave and resonance interference, measure the propagation speed of sound in the air, but also observe the double slit interference and single slit diffraction of sound wave, measure the wavelength of sound wave in the air, observe the interference between original wave and reflected wave, etc. Through the experiment, the students can master the basic principles and experimental methods of wave theory.


1. Generate and receive ultrasound

2. Measure sound velocity in air using phase and resonance interference methods

3. Study the interference of reflected and original sound wave, i.e. sound wave “LLoyd mirror” experiment

4. Observe and measure double-slit interference and single-slit diffraction of sound wave


Parts and Specifications

Description Specifications
Sine wave signal generator Frequency range: 38 ~ 42 kHz; resolution: 1 Hz
Ultrasonic transducer Piezo-ceramic chip; oscillation frequency: 40.1 ± 0.4 kHz
Vernier caliper Range: 0 ~ 200 mm; accuracy: 0.02 mm
Ultrasonic receiver Rotational range: -90° ~ 90°; unilateral scale: 0° ~ 20°; division: 1°
Measurement accuracy <2% for phase method

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