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LMEC-12 Measuring Liquid Viscosity – Capillary Method

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Liquid viscosity is not only widely used in engineering and production technology, but also plays an important role in biology and medicine. For example, measuring the size of blood viscosity is one of the important signs of human blood health. Compared with the falling ball method, the flow law of viscous fluid in vertical capillary tube is used in this experiment. It has the advantages of small sample size, different temperature points and high measurement accuracy. Especially suitable for low viscosity liquid, such as water, alcohol, water, etc. The application of this instrument not only expands students' knowledge, but also cultivates their experimental operation ability.

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1. Understand the Poiseuille law

2. Learn how to measure viscous and surface tension coefficients of liquid using Ostwald viscometer



Description Specifications
Temperature controller Range: room temperature to 45 °C; resolution: 0.1 °C
Stopwatch Resolution: 0.01 s
Motor speed Adjustable, power supply 4 V ~ 11 V
Ostwald viscometer Capillary tube: inner diameter 0.55 mm, length 102 mm
Beaker volume 1.5 L
Pipette 1 mL

Part List

Description Qty
Controller 1
Glass beaker 1
Lid of beaker (W/ heater, sensor, capillary holder & wire sockets) 1
Magnetic rotor 1
Ostwald tube 2
Rubber air pump 1
Connection wire 2
Stopwatch 1
Pipette 1
Manual 1

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