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TJ270-30A Dual Beam Infrared Spectrophotometer

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dual beam ir


  • High quality
  • Low stray light
  • High accuracy measurement
  • Simple structure with easy operation



As an affordable analysis instrument, this typical type was so popular in part 15 years, and we have exported form hundreds sets with so many OEM brands and types, many partners gained big profits by this type.

Infrared spectroscopy is one of the most powerful techniques for identifying organic substances in organic and analytical chemistry. Infrared analysis can be both qualitative and quantitative. IR-30 is an important tool in analytical laboratories.

TJ270-30A Dual-Beam Infrared Spectrophotometer can be used to record the IR absorption and reflectance spectra of substances in the spectral range of 4000 ~ 400 cm-1. It is a powerful tool to analyze sample structures in the fields such as petroleum, chemical engineering, pharmacy, public health and environmental protection.

The Windows application software provides a user-friendly interface for the control of the spectrophotometer, data acquisition, and spectral analysis with functions listed below:

  • Spectral background baseline memory
  • Spectral background baseline correction
  • Spectral data smoothing operation
  • Spectral baseline slope correction
  • Spectral data differential operation
  • Spectral data arithmetic operation
  • Spectral data accumulating operation
  • Conversion of %T and Abs
  • Spectrum file management
  • Spectral peak search
  • Spectrum scale extension
  • Spectral absorption expansion


Optical system Double-beam
Wave-number Range 4000-400
Transmittance (%) 0—100.0%
Absorbency 0—3Abs
Power Source AC 220V±10%50±1 Hz300W
Wave-number Accuracy ≤±4(4000—2000)≤±2(2000—500
WN Repeatability ≤2(4000—2000)≤1(2000—450
Transmittance Accuracy ≤±0.5%noise level not included
Transmittance Repeatability ≤0.5%1000—930
Io Line Flatness and Straightness ≤4%
Resolution Capability Polystyrene has six absorption peaks around 3000,with height of 1% at least; Ammonia gas’s resolution is 2.5 around 1000  , with height of 1% at least.
Stray Lights ≤1%4000—650≤2%650-400
X-axis Zooming optional
Y-axis Zooming optional
Slit Width 5 steps
Dimensions Mainframe: 800mm´610mm´300mm
Weight 78kg with package


890x720x550mm, 76kg


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