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LMEC-3 Simple Pendulum with Electric Timer

Short Description:

The effective length of the pendulum line of this instrument is greater than 1000mm, and set up a gear lever for releasing the pendulum ball, using photoelectric gate measurement period, which improves the measurement accuracy.

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Main experimental contents.
1、Measuring the law of period change at different pendulum angles and pendulum lengths.
2, learn to use the single pendulum to measure the acceleration of gravity.
Main technical parameters.
1, the length of the pendulum: 0 ~ 1000mm adjustable; the top of the pendulum with a fixed measurement marker bar, convenient to measure the length.
2, pendulum ball: steel and plastic ball each one, pendulum amplitude: about ± 15 °, with a stop pendulum rod.
3, periodometer: timing 0 ~ 999.999S; resolution 0.001S; single-chip counting range 1 ~ 499 times, effectively prevent mis-registration.
4, optional 9-bit microsecond timer, to study the nonlinear phenomenon of the single pendulum.

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