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LMEC-14 Apparatus of Magnetic Damping and Kinetic Friction Coefficient

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Magnetic damping is an important concept in electromagnetics, which has been widely used in various fields of physics. However, there are few experiments to directly measure the magnetron force. Fd-mf-b magnetic damping and dynamic friction coefficient tester uses advanced integrated switch Hall sensor (Hall switch for short) to measure the sliding speed of magnetic slider on the inclined plane of non ferromagnetic good conductor. After data processing, the magnetic damping coefficient and sliding friction number can be calculated at the same time.


1. Observe magnetic damping phenomenon, and understand the concept and applications of magnetic damping

2. Observe sliding friction phenomena, and understand the application of friction coefficient in industry

3. Learn how to process data to transfer a nonlinear equation into a linear equation

4. Acquire magnetic damping coefficient and kinetic friction coefficient

The instruction manual contains experimental configurations, principles, step-by-step instructions, and examples of experiment results. Please click Experiment Theory and Contents to find more information about this apparatus.


Parts and Specifications

Description Specifications
Inclined rail Range of adjustable angle: 0 °~ 90 °
Length: 1.1 m
Length at junction: 0.44 m
Adjusting support Length: 0.63 m
Counting timer Counting: 10 times (storage)
Timing range: 0.000-9.999 s; resolution: 0.001 s
Magnetic slide Dimension: diameter=18 mm; thickness= 6 mm
Mass: 11.07 g

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