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LMEC-8 Apparatus of Forced Vibration and Resonance

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Forced vibration and resonance phenomenon are often used in engineering and scientific research, such as in construction, machinery and other engineering, it is often necessary to avoid resonance phenomenon to ensure the quality of engineering. In some petrochemical enterprises, resonance phenomenon line is used to detect liquid density and liquid height, so forced vibration and resonance are important physical laws, which are more and more popular in physics and engineering technology Attention. The instrument uses tuning fork vibration system as the research object, electromagnetic force of electromagnetic exciting coil as exciting force, and electromagnetic coil as amplitude sensor to measure the relationship between vibration amplitude and driving force frequency, and study forced vibration and resonance phenomenon and its law.

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Main experimental content
1、Study the resonance of the tuning fork vibration system under the action of different periodic driving forces, measure and draw the resonance curve, and find the curve Q value.
2、Study the relationship between vibration frequency and tuning fork arm mass, and measure the unknown mass.
3、Study the relationship between tuning fork damping and vibration.
Main technical parameters
1, steel tuning fork: vibration frequency of about 260Hz when the double arms are not loaded.
2, ultra-high performance digital DDS signal generator: frequency adjustable range 100Hz ~ 600Hz, minimum step value 1mHz, resolution 1mHz. frequency accuracy ± 20ppm: stability ± 2ppm / hour: output power 2W, amplitude 0 ~ 10Vpp continuously adjustable.
3, AC digital voltmeter, range 0 ~ 1.999V, resolution 1mV.
4, a pair of solenoid coils: including coil, core, Q9 connection line. DC impedance: about 90Ω, the maximum
maximum allowable AC voltage: RMS 6V.
5, 4 pairs of paired mass blocks: 5g, 10g, 10g, 15g, can be superimposed to combine different mass values.
6、Magnetic damping block: position plane and up and down adjustable.
7, Self prepare oscilloscope.

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