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LMEC-5 Rotational Moment of Inertia Apparatus

Short Description:

The moment of inertia is a physical quantity describing the inertia of a rigid body, which is related to the mass distribution and the position of the rotating axis of the rigid body. It is very important to determine the moment of inertia of an object correctly in engineering technology. The instrument uses laser photoelectric sensor and counting chronometer to measure the torsional oscillation period of the suspension plate. Through experiments, students can master the physical concept and experimental measurement method of the moment of inertia of an object, and understand the factors related to the moment of inertia of an object.

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1. Learn to measure the rotational inertia of an object with a trilinear pendulum.
2. Learn to measure the period of motion of the pendulum using the cumulative amplification method.
3. Verify the parallel axis theorem of rotational inertia.
4. The measurement of the center of mass and rotational inertia of regular and irregular objects (need to increase the center of mass experimental accessories)






Electronic stopwatch resolution 0 ~ 99.9999s,  0.1ms

100 ~ 999.999s, resolution 1ms

Single-chip counting range 1 to 99 times
Length of the pendulum line Continuously adjustable, the maximum distance of 50cm
Circular ring Inner diameter 10cm, outer diameter 15cm
Symmetric cylinder Diameter 3cm
Movable level bubble The upper and lower discs can be adjusted level


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