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LMEC-6 Simple Harmonic Motion and Spring Constant(Hooke’s Law)

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With the rapid development of integrated Hall sensor technology, there are many kinds of integrated Hall sensors with various performance, which are widely used in the automatic control of industry, transportation, radio and other fields. In order to add new scientific and technological content to the original traditional mechanical experiment and make the experimental device more reliable, the disadvantages of the lifting device of the cable rod of the original Jiaoli scale, such as easy to break and slip, are improved. The reading device combining pointer with mirror and vernier ruler is adopted to improve the accuracy of measurement. In the timing method, the integrated switch Hall sensor is used to measure the spring vibration period.


1. Verify Hooke’s law, and measure the stiffness coefficient of a spring

2. Study the simple harmonic motion of a spring, measure the period, calculate the stiffness coefficient of the spring

3. Study the properties and use method of a Hall switch


Parts and Specifications

Description Specifications
Jolly balance ruler Range: 0 ~ 551 mm; reading accuracy: 0.02 mm
Counter/ timer Accuracy: 1 ms, with storage function
Spring Wire diameter: 0.5 mm; outer diameter: 12 mm
Integrated Hall switch sensor Critical distance: 9 mm
Small magnetic steel Diameter: 12 mm; thickness: 2 mm
Weight 1 g (10 pcs), 20 g (1 pc), 50 g (1 pc)

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