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LMEC-4 Apparatus of Shear Modulus and Rotational Moment of Inertia

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The ratio of internal stress to strain in elastic limit is an important parameter to measure the deformation of an object under stress. The ratio of normal stress to linear strain is called Young's modulus; the ratio of shear stress to shear strain is called shear elastic modulus, or shear modulus for short. Young's modulus and shear modulus are widely used in engineering design and selection of mechanical materials in machinery, construction, transportation, medical treatment, communication and other industrial fields.

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Main experimental contents.
1. the principle and method of measuring the rotational inertia by torsion pendulum.
2, using the torsion pendulum to measure the shear modulus of the wire and the rotational inertia of the pendulum.


Main technical parameters.
1, photoelectric gate timing range 0 ~ 999.999s, resolution 0.001s.
2, single-chip counting range of 1 to 499 times, the experiment with the number of times to display, effectively prevent mis-registration.
3, the size of the torsion pendulum circle: inner diameter 10cm, outer diameter 12cm.
4, twisting pendulum suspension line: 0 ~ 40cm adjustable.
5, LMEC-4A type  increase the three-line pendulum experiment; special specifications can be customized production.

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