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LMEC-30 Apparatus for Testing Human Reaction Time

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The time required for the receptor to react from the reception of stimulation to the reaction of the effector is called the reaction time. The function level of different links of the reflex arc of human nervous system can be understood and evaluated by measuring the reaction time. The faster the response to stimulation, the shorter the reaction time, the better flexibility. Among the factors that cause traffic accidents, the physical and mental quality of cyclists and drivers is particularly important, especially the speed of their response to signal lights and car horns, which often determines whether or not the traffic accidents occur or not and the severity. Therefore, it is of great significance to study the response speed of cyclists and drivers in different physiological and psychological conditions to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents and to ensure the safety of their lives and others.


1. Study the braking reaction time of cyclist or car driver when the signal light is changed.

2. Study the braking reaction time of cyclist when hearing the sound of a car horn.


Description Specifications
Car horn volume continuously adjustable
Signal light two sets of LED arrays, red and green colors respectively
Timing accuracy 1 ms
Time range for measurement unit in second, signal may appear randomly within the set time range
Display LC display module

Parts List  


Description Qty
Main electric unit 1 (horn mounted on its top)
Simulated car braking system 1
Simulated bicycle braking system 1
Power cord 1
Instruction manual 1

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