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LMEC-29 Pressure Sensor and Measurement of Heart Rate & Blood Pressure

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Pressure sensor characteristics and human heart rate, blood pressure measurement experimental instrument is a physical experimental instrument for medical professional teaching. It is based on the teaching requirements of non physical physical physical experiments in Colleges and universities across the country to learn and master the characteristics measurement and application of gas pressure sensor, especially the experiment is closely combined with the content of human heart rate and blood pressure measurement of medical professional.


1. Understand the working principle of the gas pressure sensor and test its characteristics.

2. Use gas pressure sensor, amplifier and digital voltmeter to construct a digital pressure gauge and calibrate it with a standard pointer pressure gauge.

3. Understand the principle of measuring human heart rate and blood pressure, use pulse sensor to measure pulse waveform and heartbeat frequency, and use the constructed digital pressure gauge to measure human blood pressure.

4. Verify Boyle’s law of the ideal gas. (Optional)

5. Use slow scanning long afterglow oscilloscope (need to be purchased separately) to observe the body pulse waveform and analyze the heart beat, estimate heart rate, blood pressure and other parameters. (Optional)


Main Specifications

Description Specifications
DC regulated power supply 5 V 0.5 A (×2)

Digital voltmeter

Range: 0 ~ 199.9 mV, resolution 0.1 mVRange: 0 ~ 1.999 V, resolution 1 mV
Pointer pressure gauge 0 ~ 40 kPa (300 mmHg)
Smart pulse counter 0 ~ 120 ct/min (data hold 10 tests)
Gas pressure sensor Range 0 ~ 40 kPa, linearity ± 0.3%
Pulse sensor HK2000B, analog output
Medical stethoscope MDF 727

Parts List  


Description Qty
Main unit 1
Pulse sensor 1
Medical stethoscope 1
Blood pressure cuff 1
100 mL syringe 2
Rubber tubes and tee 1 set
Connection wires 12
Power cord 1
Instruction manual 1

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