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LMEC-1 Young’s Modulus Apparatus – Hall Sensor Method

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The instrument is based on the measurement of Young's modulus of solid materials by the bending method and the introduction of Hall sensors to measure the small deformation of materials to improve the measurement accuracy. Through the calibration of the linear relationship between the output voltage of Hall position sensor and the displacement amount and the measurement of the tiny displacement amount, the students can understand and master the new method of non-electricity electric measurement of the tiny displacement amount.

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Main experimental content
1、Principle and calibration of Hall position sensor.
2、Principle of Young’s modulus measurement by bending method.
3,  Measurement of Young’s modulus of different materials.
Main technical parameters
1, Reading microscope magnification: 20 times; indexing value: 0.01mm; measurement range: 0-6mm.
2、Weight: 10.0g, 20.0g two kinds.

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