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LCP-3 Optics Experiment Kit – Enhanced Model

Short Description:

Optics Experiment Kit has 26 fundamental and modern optics experiments, it is developed for general physics education at universities and colleges. It provides a complete set of optical and mechanical components as well as light sources. Most optics experiments required in general physics education can be constructed using these components, from the operation, students can enhance their experimental skills and problem-solving ability.

Note: a stainless steel optical table or breadboard (1200 mm x 600 mm) is recommended for this kit.

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It can be used to construct a total of 26 different experiments which can be grouped in six categories:

  • Lens Measurements: Understanding and verifying lens equation and optical rays transform.
  • Optical Instruments: Understanding the working principle and operation method of common lab optical instruments.
  • Interference Phenomena: Understanding interference theory, observing various interference patterns generated by different sources, and grasping one precise measurement method based on optical interference.
  • Diffraction Phenomena: Understanding diffraction effects, observing various diffraction patterns generated by different apertures.
  • Analysis of Polarization: Understanding polarization and verifying polarisation of light.
  • Fourier Optics and Holography: Understanding principles of advanced optics and their applications.



1. Measure lens focal length using auto-collimation

2. Measure lens focal length using displacement method

3. Measure the focal length of an eyepiece

4. Assemble a microscope

5. Assemble a telescope

6. Assemble a slide projector

7. Determine nodal points & focal length of a lens-group

8. Assemble an erect imaging telescope

9. Young’s double-slit interference

10. Interference of Fresnel’s biprism

11. Interference of double mirrors

12. Interference of a Lloyd’s mirror

13. Interference-Newton’s rings

14. Fraunhofer diffraction of a single slit

15. Fraunhofer diffraction of a circular aperture

16. Fresnel diffraction of a single slit

17. Fresnel diffraction of a circular aperture

18. Fresnel diffraction of a sharp edge

19. Analyze polarization status of light beams

20. Diffraction of a grating and dispersion of a prism

21. Assemble a Littrow-type grating spectrometer

22. Record and reconstruct holograms

23. Fabricate a holographic grating

24. Abbe imaging and optical spatial filtering

25. Pseudo-color encoding, theta modulation & color composition

26. Assemble a Michelson interferometer and measure the refractive index of air


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