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LCP-24 Experimental System for Polarized Light- Enhanced Model

Short Description:

The polarization state of the light can be manipulated by the angle of the rotating polarizer and the wave plate. The polarizer turns the natural light into polarized light, and the wave plate can change the polarization state of the light. In this experiment, the rotation of the motor drive polarizer and wave plate can be used to display the experimental results of complex polarized light to the students through the computer interface.

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1. Polarization by reflection, refraction, and dichroism

2. Verification of the Malus’s law

3. Measurement of Brewster’s angle




He-Ne Laser Wavelength 632.8nm, power>1.5mW, with power supply.
Diffraction Slit 0-2mm adjustable, precision 0.01mm, height 14mm
Multi-slit Plate Slit number 2,3,4,5. Slit width 0.03mm, intervals 0.06mm.
Software Computer controlled.

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