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LIT-6 Precision Interferometer

Short Description:

This equipment combines Michelson interferometer, Fabry-Perot interferometer, and Twyman-Green interferometer in one platform. The ingenious design and integrated structure of the instrument can greatly reduce the experimental adjustment time and improve the efficiency of the experiment. At the same time, all structural parts are fixed on the heavy small platform, which can effectively prevent the impact of vibration on the experiment. Michelson, Fabry Perot, prism and lens interference between four modes can be easily transformed, simple operation, accurate result, experiment content is rich, is an ideal instrument to carry out combination interference experiment.

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1. Two-beam Interference observation

2. Equal-inclination fringe observation

3. Equal-thickness fringe observation

4. White-light fringe observation

5. Wavelength measurement of the Sodium D-lines

6. Wavelength separation measurement of the Sodium D-lines

7. Measurement of the refractive index of air

8. Measurement of the refractive index of a transparent slice

9. Multi-beam interference observation

10. Measurement of the He-Ne laser wavelength

11. Interference fringe observation of the Sodium D-lines

12. Demonstrating the principle of a Twyman-Green interferometer





Flatness of Beam Splitter and Compensator 0.1 λ
Coarse Travel of Mirror 10 mm
Fine Travel of Mirror 0.625 mm
Fine Travel Resolution 0.25 μm
Fabry-Perot Mirrors 30 mm (dia), R=95%
Wavelength Measurement Accuracy Relative error: 2% for 100 fringes
Sodium-Tungsten Lamp Sodium lamp: 20 W; Tungsten lamp: 30 W adjustable
He-Ne Laser Power: 0.7~ 1 mW; Wavelength: 632.8 nm
Air Chamber with Gauge Chamber length: 80 mm; Pressure range: 0-40 kPa

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