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LPT-10 Apparatus for Properties Measurement of Semiconductor Laser

Short Description:

Semiconductor laser has a wide range of applications because of its small size, high efficiency, long life and high-speed operation. The development of this kind of device has been closely combined with optical communication technology from the beginning. It is the most important light source of laser fiber communication, which is the fastest developing and most important in the field of communication. It is expected to play an important role in optical information processing, optical storage and optical communication Computer and external equipment, optical coupling and holography, ranging, radar and other aspects will be important applications. It can be expected that semiconductor laser will play its great potential in the rapid development of laser fiber communication technology.

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1. Measure the far-field distribution of the beam and calculate its vertical and horizontal divergent angles.

2. Measure the voltage-current characteristics.

3. Measure the relationship between output optical power and current, and acquire its threshold current.

4. Measure the relationship between the output of optical power and current at different temperatures, and analyze its temperature characteristics.

5. Measure the polarization characteristics of the output light beam and calculate its polarization ratio.

6. Optional experiment: verify Malus’s law.




Item Specifications
Semiconductor Laser Output Power< 2 mW
Center Wavelength: 650 nm
Power Supply of Semiconductor Laser 0 ~ 4 VDC (continuously adjustable), resolution 0.01 V
Photo Detector Silicon detector, aperture of light entrance 2 mm
Angle Sensor Measurement range 0 – 180°, resolution 0.1°
Polarizer Aperture 20 mm, rotation angle 0 – 360°, resolution 1°
Light Screen Size 150 mm × 100 mm
Voltmeter Measurement range 0 – 20.00 V, resolution 0.01 V
Laser Power Meter 2 µW ~ 2 mW, 4 scales
Temperature Controller Control range: from room temperature to 80 °C, resolution 0.1 °C


Part List


Description Qty
Main suitcase 1
Laser support and angle sensing device 1 set
Semiconductor laser 1
Slide rail 1
Slide 3
Polarizer 2
White screen 1
Support of white screen 1
Photo detector 1
3-core cable 3
5-core cable 1
Red connection wire (2 short, 1 long) 3
Black connection wire (medium size) 1
Black connection wire (large size, 1 short,  1 long) 2
Power cord 1
Instruction manual 1

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