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LPT-5 Experimental System for Photocell( solar cell ) Characterization

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Main experimental contents
1. measuring the forward bias voltammetric characteristic curve of a single solar cell when there is no illumination.
2, when there is light, measure the output characteristics of a single solar cell, and find the short-circuit current, open-circuit voltage, maximum output power and fill factor.
3、Lighting effect.
a, measuring the relationship between short-circuit current and output power, draw a relationship between them.
b、Measure the relationship between open-circuit voltage and output power, and draw a diagram of their relationship.
Main technical parameters
1, desktop type design, can facilitate the opening of the basic teaching of the basic characteristics of the solar cell test.
2, light tool holder: 600mm long, 2 special slider holders.
3, boxed solar cells, with lead wires.
4, digital multimeter 2, resistance box 1.
5, optical power meter and adjustable DC power supply 1.
6, position adjustable white light source 1, spotlight structure, power 60W.

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