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LPT-8 Experimental System for Polarization Rotation Effect

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This experiment is mainly used to observe the optical rotation phenomenon, to understand the rotatory characteristics of rotatory substances, and to determine the relationship between the rotation rate and the concentration of sugar solution. Deepen the understanding of the generation and detection of polarized light. Rotation effect can be used in concentration of the pharmaceutical industry, drug control and inspection departments often use polarimetry measurements of drug and goods, one of the polarimeter is the sugar industry and the food industry to detect sugar content of instrument.



1.Observation of polarization of light

2.Observation of the optical properties of glucose water solution

3.Measurement of concentration of glucose water solution

4.Measurement of concentration of glucose solution samples with unknown concentration



Description Specifications
Semiconductor Laser 5mW, with power supply
Optical Rail Length 1m, width20mm, straightness 2mm, aluminum
Photocurrent amplifier Silicon photocell

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