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LGS-2 Experimental CCD Spectrometer

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LGS-2 Experimental CCD Spectrometer is a general purpose measuring instrument. It uses CCD as receiver unit to greatly extend its range of application, capable of real-time acquisition and 3-dimensional display. It is ideal equipment for study of spectra of light sources or calibrating optical probes.

It consists of grating monochromator, CCD unit, scanning system, electronic amplifier, A/D unit and PC. This instrument integrates optics, precision machinery, electronics, and computer science. The optical element adopts C-T model that is showed below.

The stiffness of the monochromator is good and the light path is very stable. Both the entrance and exit silts are straight with width continuously adjustable from 0 to2 mm. The beam passes through entrance slit S1(S1 is on the focal plane of the reflectance collimation mirror), then reflected by mirror M2. The parallel light shoots to the grating G. Mirror M3 forms the image of diffraction light comes from the grating on S2 or S3 (the diversion mirror M4 can collect the exit slit, S2 or S3). The instrument uses the sine mechanism to achieve wavelength scanning.

The preferred environment for the instrument is normal laboratory conditions. The area should be clean and have a stable temperature and humidity. The instrument should be located on a stable flat surface (support at least 100Kg) with surrounding space for ventilation and the necessary electrical connections.





Wavelength Range 300~800 nm
Focal Length 302.5 mm
Relative Aperture D/F=1/5
Wavelength Accuracy ≤±0.4 nm
Wavelength Repeatability ≤0.2 nm
Stray Light ≤10-3
Receiver 2048 cells
Integration Time 1~88 stops
Grating 1200 lines/mm; Blazed wavelength at 250 nm
Overall Dimension 400 mm×295 mm×250 mm
Weight 15 kg

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