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LEEM-8 Magnetoresistive Effect Experimental Apparatus

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Note: oscilloscope not included

The device is simple in structure and rich in content. It uses two kinds of sensors: GaAs Hall sensor to measure the magnetic induction intensity, and to study the resistance of InSb magnetoresistance sensor under different magnetic induction intensity. Students can observe the Hall effect and magnetoresistance effect of semiconductor, which are characterized by research and design experiments.


1. Study the resistance change of an InSb sensor vs the applied magnetic field intensity; find the empirical formula.

2. Plot InSb sensor resistance vs magnetic field intensity.

3. Study the AC characteristics of an InSb sensor under a weak magnetic field (frequency-doubling effect).



Description Specifications
Power supply of magneto-resistance sensor 0-3 mA adjustable
Digital voltmeter range 0-1.999 V resolution 1 mV
Digital milli-Teslameter range 0-199.9 mT, resolution 0.1 mT

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