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LEEM-14 Magnetic Hysteresis Loop and Magnetization Curve

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The hysteresis loops and magnetization curves of magnetic materials characterize the basic magnetic properties of magnetic materials. Ferromagnetic materials with various properties are widely used in industry, transportation, communication, electrical appliances and other fields. Therefore, the measurement of the basic characteristics of magnetic materials is very important in practice and college physics experiments, and has been included in the physical experiment syllabus of various domestic colleges and universities.


1. Acquire the relationship of magnetic induction intensity B and position X in a sample using a digital Tesla meter

2. Measure the range of uniform magnetic field intensity along the X direction

3. Learn how to demagnetize a magnetic sample, measure the start magnetization curve and magnetic hysteresis

4. Learn how to apply Ampere’s circuit law in magnetic measurement


Parts and Specifications

Description Specifications
Constant current source 4-1/2 digit, range: 0 ~ 600 mA, adjustable
Magnetic material sample 2 pcs (one die steel, one #45 steel), rectangular bar, section length: 2.00 cm; width: 2.00 cm; gap: 2.00 mm
Digital Teslameter 4-1/2 digit, range: 0 ~ 2 T, resolution: 0.1 mT, with Hall probe

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