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LADP-18 Apparatus for Determining Curie Temperature of Ferrite Materials

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According to the change of magnetic moment of ferromagnetic material with temperature, this instrument adopts alternating current bridge method to measure the temperature when the spontaneous magnetization of ferromagnetic material disappears. This method has the advantages of simple system structure, stable and reliable performance, etc. The instrument can be used in electromagnetics experiment of general physics or modern physics experiment.


1. Understand the mechanism of the transition between ferromagnetism and para-magnetism of ferrite materials.

2. Determine Curie temperature of ferrite materials using AC electrical bridge method.



Description Specifications
Signal source sine wave, 1000 Hz, 0 ~ 2 V continuously adjustable
AC voltmeter (3 scales) range 0 ~ 1.999 V; resolution: 0.001 V
range 0 ~ 199.9 mV; resolution: 0.1 mV
range 0 ~ 19.99 mV; resolution: 0.01 mV
Temperature control room temperature to 80 °C; resolution: 0.1 °C
Ferromagnetic samples 2 sets of different Curie temperatures, 3 pcs/set)

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