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LADP-10 Apparatus of Franck-Hertz Experiment – Advanced Model

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Note: oscilloscope not included

The experimental instrument is an integrated experimental instrument with compact design, intuitive panel, complete functions and convenient operation. The power supply voltage for Franck Hertz tube is stable, and the key switch is used to switch and adjust. The amplifier for measuring micro current has good anti-interference ability. The experimental instrument can obtain stable and excellent experimental curve. The experimental instrument adopts the form of panel window and backlight, which can make students clearly observe the structure of Frank Hertz tube.


1. Observe the relationship curve between plate current and accelerating voltage

2. Understand the processes of electron-atom collision and energy exchange

3. Calculate the 1st excitation potential of Argon atom from experimental data

4. Using the acquired 1st excitation potential to calculate Planck’s constant



Description Specifications
Curve peaks ≥ 7
Franck-Hertz tube Argon gas, backlight illuminating, open side window
Filament voltage VF 1.25 ~ 5 V, continuously adjustable 3-1/2 digital display
Control voltage VG1K 0 ~ 6 V, continuously adjustable 3-1/2 digital display
Accelerating voltage VG2K 0 ~ 90 V, continuously adjustable 3-1/2 digital display
Decelerating voltage VG2P 1.25 ~ 5 V, continuously adjustable 3-1/2 digital display
Micro current measurement 1 μA, 0.1 μA, 10 nA, 1.0 nA, range 0.001 nA ~1.999 μA, 3-1/2 digital display

Parts List


Description Qty
Main unit 1 set (incl F-H tube, scanning voltage, current amplifier)
BNC cable 2
USB cable 1
Software CD 1
Instructional manual 1
Power cord 1

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