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LADP-2 Experimental System of Pulsed NMR

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1. Understand the basic physical theory and experimental configuration of a PNMR system. Learn to explain related physical phenomena in PNMR using classical vector model.

2. Learn to use signals of spin echo (SE) and free induction decay (FID) to measure T2 (spin-spin relaxation time). Analyze the influence of magnetic field homogeneity on NMR signal.

3. Learn to measure T1 (spin-lattice relaxation time) using reverse recovery.

4. Qualitatively understand the relaxation mechanism, observe the effect of paramagnetic ions on nuclear relaxation time.

5. Measure T2 of copper sulfate solution at different concentrations. Determine the relationship of T2 with the change of concentration.

6. Measure the relative chemical displacement of the sample.



Description Specifications
Power supply of modulation field maximum current 0.5 A, voltage regulation 0 – 6.00 V
Power supply of homogenous field maximum current 0.5 A, voltage regulation 0 – 6.00 V
Oscillator frequency 20 MHz
Magnetic field strength 0.470 T
Magnetic pole diameter 100 mm
Magnetic pole distance 20 mm
Magnetic field homogeneity 20 ppm (10 mm × 10 mm × 10 mm)
Controlled temperature 36.500 °C
Magnetic field stability 4 hours warm to be stabilized, Larmor frequency drift less than 5 Hz per minute.


Parts List

Description Qty Note
Constant Temperature Unit 1 including magnet and temperature control device
RF Transmitting Unit 1 including power supply of modulation field
Signal Receiving Unit 1 including power supply of homogenous field and temperature display
Power Cord 1
Various Cable 12
Sample Tubes 10
Instructional Manual 1

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