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LADP-14 Determining Specific Charge of Electron – Advanced Model

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1. Quantitatively measure the rules of electron movement in both electric and magnetic field.

    a) Electrical deflection: electron + transversal electric field

b) Electrical focusing: electron + longitudinal electric field

c) Magnetic deflection: electron + transversal magnetic field

d) Spiral motion magnetic focusing: electron + longitudinal magnetic field

2. Determine e/m ratio of an electron and verify the polar coordinate equation of electron spiral motion.

3. Measure geomagnetic component.

The instruction manual contains comprehensive materials including experimental configurations, principles, step-by-step instructions and some experimental results. Please click Experiment Theory and Contents to find more information about this apparatus.




Description Specifications
Filament voltage 6.3 VAC; current 0.15 A
High voltage UA2 600 ~ 1000 V
Deflecting voltage -55 ~ 55 V
Grid voltage UA1 0 ~ 240 V
Control grid voltage UG 0 ~ 50 V
magnetization current 0 – 2.4 A
Solenoid parameters
Longitudinal coil (long) length: 205 mm; inner dia: 90 mm; outer dia: 95 mm; number of turns: 1160
Transversal coil (small) length: 20 mm; inner dia: 60 mm; outer dia: 65 mm; number of turns: 380
Digital meters 3-1/2 digits
Sensitivity of electrical deflection Y: ≥0.38 mm/V; X:  ≥0.25 mm/V
Sensitivity of magnetic deflection Y: ≥0.08 mm/mA
e/m measurement error ≤5.0%


Parts List


Description Qty
Main unit 1
Long coil (solenoid coil) 1
Small coil (deflection coil) 2
Division screen 1
Cable 2
Instructional manual 1

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