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LEEM-2 Construction of an Ammeter and a Voltmeter

Short Description:

The instrument includes a pointer modified meter, digital standard voltmeter, ammeter, adjustable regulated power supply, decimal resistance box, etc. Each part is relatively independent, which is both convenient to connect and easy to manage energy.

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This instrument uses a 100μA pointer type retrofit meter with higher sensitivity and a 4½ digit meter as a standard with improved measurement accuracy.

Main experimental content
1, ammeter modification and calibration.
2、Voltmeter modification and calibration.
3、Ohm meter modification and design.
Main technical parameters
1, the pointer was modified table: range 100μA, internal resistance of about 2kΩ, precision 1.5 level.
2, resistance box: adjustment range 0 ~ 1111111.0Ω, precision 0.1 level.
3, the standard ammeter: 0 ~ 19.999mA, four and a half digit display, accuracy ± 0.3%.
4, standard voltmeter: 0 ~ 19.999V, four and a half digit display, accuracy ± 0.3%.
5, adjustable voltage regulator source: output 0 ~ 10V, stability 0.1% / min, load adjustment rate of 0.1%.
6, can increase the meter head two-way protection, will not break the meter needle!



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