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LADP-10 Apparatus of Franck-Hertz Experiment

Short Description:

The device adopts a LCD touch screen, which is easy to operate and data can be read directly. In order to study the energy temporal problem within the atom, the Franck Hertz experiment bombarded the atoms with low velocity electrons to observe the mutual energy transfer process between them, proving the existence of the quantized energy level in the atom.

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1.Understand the general principle and usage of computer real-time measurement and control system.

2.The influence of temperature, filament current and other factors on the F-H experimental curve is analyzed.

3.The existence of atomic energy level is confirmed by measuring the first excitation potential of argon atoms.





Mainbody Display and operation with LCD screen
Power Cord
Data Wire
Experimental tube Argon tube
Temperature Control Device Control the temperature of the Argon tube

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