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A new standard for oil determination in water will be implemented


No wonder, many people say that environmental protection equipment is almost everywhere, whether it is industrial production or daily life. This silent “penetration” brings more enterprises and capital chasing. According to public statistics, the annual average growth rate of environmental protection equipment industry is about 15-20%. The guiding opinions on accelerating the development of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology clearly put forward that the output value of environmental protection equipment industry will reach trillion yuan by 2020. The notice on printing and distributing the preferential catalogue of enterprise income tax for special equipment for energy saving, water saving and environmental protection jointly issued by 5 departments proposed that 24 environmental protection equipment can enjoy 10% tax credit. All kinds of favorable policies are paving the way for the environmental protection equipment industry and encouraging environmental protection enterprises to join the team of environmental protection equipment design, research and development, manufacturing and innovation. Of course, the release of the policy dividend also means that the smoke of the gathering of the heroes is getting stronger. Therefore, it is urgent to quickly adapt to the development trend of the industry, enhance the core competitiveness of domestic enterprises, and grasp the key direction of environmental protection equipment in the future. For example, under the influence of the national haze control battle, desulfurization and denitrification equipment, VOCs detection equipment, dust removal equipment, air purifier and so on have very promising development prospects. In the comprehensive treatment of water environment, infrared oil detector is also vigorously used. The transformation demand of underground pipe gallery continues to rise, the market of sludge treatment equipment is on the rise, the heat of membrane treatment equipment and components is improved, and the household water purifier is full of brilliance. As a professional manufacturer of infrared spectrometer and infrared oil analyzer, EDS has always adhered to the business philosophy of “deeply understanding the needs of users, striving to create excellent products and helping customers solve fundamental problems”, and strive to provide accurate and efficient professional technical services for customers

Post time: Nov-09-2020